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Fragrances, as we all know, are olfactory creations. A new range by the cult-favourite brand, MiN New York, is however inspired by the five senses - sight, touch, taste, smell and in place of hearing, kinesthesis. It’s a mildly perplexing concept, but nonetheless well justified by Chad Murawczyk, who believes that human experiences rarely relies on a single sense.

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MiN New York in GQ

MiN New York Crosby Street Scent Stories Pyromance

"But the real reason the contemporary apothecary shouldn’t be missed is its seemingly endless array of quality smells. From colognes to candles and incense, all curated from hard-to-find (and sometimes impossible-to-find), there’s a scent for every nose—and body, and home—that hasn’t been played out everywhere else." — Matt Sebra

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