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Who else would dare create a fragrance based on incense and bubble gum, or a hotel Madame or a young gigolo in the 1970’s in NYC? Insolence? Perhaps. Subversive? Most definitely, but it is rare to see anyone these days push the envelope so far with a fragrance, much less an entire line. We love the adventurous spirit and unconventional approach and we applaud the results.

The Free State of Orange is a land of olfactory liberty where there are no taboos, or constraints on fragrance creation. Due to the artistic freedom given to the artist, the line is about creations that never compromise on the artist’s vision, using the best raw materials possible while the cheeky concepts infuse a sense of licentious fun to the otherwise stiff-as-poker world of perfumery.

Vive la subversive! Have a sniff behind the curtain …and you won’t be disappointed!