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A perfume house created in 1923 by Blanche Arvoy, Jovoy is so Midnight in Paris! Jovoy is a contraction of "Joe", her nickname, and "Voy", from her husband's name (Esteban Arvoy). Four perfumes with animal-shaped bottles were launched for the original brand. In the 30s, Jovoy is known to sell perfumes for the « gentlemen’s nieces ». The parisian dandys were buying gifts at the Rue de la Paix shop for their mistresses…

In 2006 Francois Hénin resurrected the House with the debut of a new range of Eau de Parfums and the largest independent store of artistic perfumery in France located near Place Vendome in Paris. Jovoy releases in 2011 six new fragrances along with a candle collection. The new line is immediately recognized by perfumistas and retailers for its quality and visionary approach. In 2010 Francois creates a first multi brand store Rue Danielle Casanova in Paris. Within two years Jovoy becomes “The Embassy” for more than 60 niche perfume brands.