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  • Dune Road

    Vol.1/Ch.01 eau de parfum

    Summer walks.
    Crisp ocean breeze. Foamy Sand.

    Whispers of herbs,
    wildflowers & sea grass
    from a distance.

    Ethereal, captivating
    & hazy pleasures.

    Top: Absinthe, Cardamom & Ozone
    Heart: Marine, Salt, Sea Grass, Seaweed & Driftwood
    Base: Vetyver, Cedarwood & Musk

    Dune Road
    Dune Road DISCOVER
  • Long Board

    Vol.1/Ch.02 eau de parfum

    Salty Surf.

    Warm Sun on bare skin.

    Sea birds sing as the ocean whispers.

    Balmy, suspended moments
    of storytelling & laughter
    with friends.

    Top: Cardamom & Marine Notes
    Heart: Coconut, Solar Cream & Orange Blossom
    Base: Amber, Vanilla & Vetyver

    Long Board
    Long Board DISCOVER
  • The Botanist

    Vol.1/Ch.03 eau de parfum

    A perfume
    of fruit
    & flowers
    with an earthy finish.

    All day,
    everyday - dirt,
    petals & roots.

    Top: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn & Apple
    Heart: Peony, Cypress, Lily of the Valley & Rose
    Base: Vetyver, Musk & Ambergris

    The Botanist
    The Botanist DISCOVER
  • Shaman

    Vol.1/Ch.04 eau de parfum

    mystical time travelers.
    of sacred spirits.

    this love potion
    is sensual & infinite.

    Top: Violet Leaf, Mandarin & Cardamom
    Heart: Frankincense, Cistus-labdanum, Nutmeg & Rose Absolute
    Base: Ambergris, Patchouli, Styrax & Honey

    Shaman DISCOVER
  • Momento

    Vol.1/Ch.05 eau de parfum

    A perfume of heritage,
    the scent evokes
    of faded memories.

    A scent of love
    & happiness.
    A familiar childhood place.
    All good things.

    Top: Absinthe, Bergamot, Lemon, Aldehydes & Tarragon
    Heart: Lavender, Rose, Jasmine & Verbena
    Base: Gaiac Wood, Oppoponax & Patchouli

    Momento DISCOVER
  • Barrel

    Vol.1/Ch.06 eau de parfum

    A slight floral opening
    gives way to bold
    & beautiful notes.

    Peaty, smoky, smooth
    & earthy, the scent
    of the selfless vessel,
    incubating the
    finest spirits
    throughout the years.

    Top: Absinthe, Coriander & Pink Peppercorn
    Heart: Rum, Myrrh & Orange Blossom
    Base: Oak Barrel, Leather, Vanilla, Patchouli & Vetyver

    Barrel DISCOVER
  • Magic Circus

    Vol.1/Ch.07 eau de parfum

    Turn of the century,
    a carnival
    travels at dusk.

    A scrumptious,
    gourmand perfume.
    A splendid wonder
    in enchantment.

    Top: Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn, Ananas & Cotton Candy
    Heart: Cistus, Labdanum, Nuts & Geranium
    Base: Patchouli, Caramel & Wood Chips

    Magic Circus
    Magic Circus DISCOVER
  • Old School Bench

    Vol.1/Ch.08 eau de parfum

    A noir memory
    of young artists
    etching in school.

    Pencil shavings,
    charcoal on paper,
    & vintage desks.

    Top: Lemon, Bergamot & Angelica Root
    Heart: Geranium, Rum, Cocoa & Wood Wax
    Base: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Patchouli & Vetyver

    Old School Bench
    Old School Bench DISCOVER
  • Dahab

    Vol.1/Ch.09 eau de parfum

    DAHAB means
    “time goes”,
    it’s where the desert
    meets sea & stars.

    Oud burns in the distance,
    with the warm
    spicy air.

    Top: Galbanum, Cinnamon, Saffron, Lime & Nutmeg
    Heart: Frankincense, Benzoin, Cypress & Geranium
    Base: Cedarwood, Musk, Amber & Oud (Agarwood)

    Dahab DISCOVER
  • Onsen

    Vol.1/Ch.10 eau de parfum

    Inspired by Japanese
    volcanic hot springs,
    ONSEN evokes communion with nature.

    This potion is mineral,
    dynamic, ritualistic
    & transcendent.

    Top: Absinthe, Bergamot, Fennel, Rosemary, Thyme & Tarragon
    Heart: Pine Needles, Cypress & Marine Notes
    Base: Oak Moss, Vetyver & Ambergris

    Onsen DISCOVER
  • Moon Dust

    Vol.1/Ch.11 eau de parfum

    It was said
    that the moon
    smells of gunpowder
    after a desert rain.


    Top: Coriander, Mineral Accord & Carrot Seed
    Heart: Flint, Ozone & Tobacco
    Base: Benzoin, Earth & Black Musk

    Moon Dust
    Moon Dust DISCOVER
  • Ad Lumen

    Vol.2/Ch.01 eau de parfum

    Italian Bergamot
    opens to a heart of velvety
    Egyptian jasmine
    & luscious rose petals
    surrounded by a blend of sensual musks.

    An invitation
    for a close encounter.

    Top: Italian Bergamot & Citrus
    Heart: Egyptian Jasmine & Rose
    Base: Sensual Musks

    Ad Lumen
    Ad Lumen DISCOVER
  • Plush

    Vol.2/Ch.02 eau de parfum

    A quality we appreciate
    in all things we touch.

    Vanilla, jasmine & orange blossom
    are carefully blended into a bouquet
    of luxurious musks.

    Top: Almond, Galbanum & Clove Bud
    Heart: Jasmine, Iris & Orange Blossom
    Base: Vanilla Bean, Ambergris & Musk

    Plush DISCOVER
  • Chef's Table

    Vol.2/Ch.03 eau de parfum

    Evokes a garden fresh
    table side medley with
    fresh herbs & ambergris.

    Bergamot, with fresh
    sprigs of clary sage,
    a dose of Turkish rose,
    a splash of tomato essence
    & grounded
    with a fine musk.

    Top: Tomato Leaf, Bergamot & Basil
    Heart: Turkish Rose, Iris & Clary Sage
    Base: Tonka Bean, Ambergris & Musk

    Chef's Table
    Chef's Table DISCOVER
  • Forever Now

    Vol.2/Ch.04 eau de parfum

    Like the first whiff
    of burning incense,
    that moment when one
    connects with their higher power.

    Coriander, geranium &
    aldehyde lift out from
    a rising cloud of olibanum,
    sandalwood, leather
    & ciste absolute.

    Top: Aldehyde, Coriander & Pink Peppercorn
    Heart: Olibanum, Geranium & Cedar Wood
    Base: Ciste Absolute & Santalum Album

    Forever Now
    Forever Now DISCOVER
  • Coda

    Vol.2/Ch.05 eau de parfum

    A luminous aldehydic
    opening contrasts a sensual
    and smoldering heart.
    Luscious flowers and woods meet
    sumptuous leather and musk.

    CODA leaves you satisfied with a sense of balance. Rock star chic.

    Top: Cypress, Eucalyptus & Mint
    Heart: Ceylon, Cinnamon Bar Oil, Nutmeg & Cedarwood
    Base: Amberwood, Ciste Absolute & Patchouli

  • Voodoo

    Vol.3/Ch.01 eau de parfum

    There exists a distinct amount of time before moments convert to memories.

    This convergence of body & soul ignites a fire of mysterious & inexplicable attraction. A potent infusion of depth & intensity built around notes traditionally found in Bukhoor (oud, sandalwood, rose, patchouli) catalyzes the unification of energy, spirit & mortality.

    Top: Cardamom, Galbanum, Lime, Pink Pepper
    Heart: Geranium, Olibanum, Turkish Rose
    Base: Patchouli, Leather, Sandalwood, Oud

    Voodoo DISCOVER
  • Astronomy Domine

    Vol.3/Ch.02 eau de parfum

    To experience is to transcend.

    In a universe of white noise, purist expression requires a journey to otherworldly destinations. This exploration of new and fresh enters a new dimension that is not bound to time.

    The immersion of two key notes, blue orris and cardamom, motivate the spirit and stimulate the senses.

    Your mind is a constellation. Each one of us is a star.

    Top: Italian Bergamot, White Peppercorn, Cardamom
    Heart: Sandalwood, Sheer Jasmine, Patchouli, Blonde Wood
    Base: Amber, White Musk, Blue Orris

    Astronomy Domine
    Astronomy Domine DISCOVER
  • Stardust

    Vol.3/Ch.03 eau de parfum

    Every atom of our being originated from an exploding star.

    As finite souls in an infinite universe, we are beautifully formed cosmic material shaped by the culmination of our actions.

    Stardust is the tangible representation of both the power and passion possessed in each of us. 

    Top: Violet, Carnation & Aldehydes 
    Heart: Egyptian Jasmine, Turkish Rose & Tunisian Orange Flower
    Base: Musk, Tonka Bean & Oak Moss 

    Stardust DISCOVER
  • Discovery Sets

    Discovery Sets

    Complete sets of samples for all 11 chapters of Scent Stories, Volume 1 and 5 chapters of Volume 2.

    All samples included are 2ml each.

    PRICE -
    $ 55.00 / Vol.1
    $ 25.00 / Vol.2