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Montale features the most noble raw materials in high concentrations. It's the passion of scents from the Orient and Arabia through it's enchanted history.  The luxurious Aouds are fragranced ointments extracted from the oils of the Arabian Oud Tree. Oud is a precious oil from the bark resin of Aquilara - known as Ud (also Ouf or Aoud) - oil. Only trees of a certain age (50 years) deliver this essence. A thousand-year-old secret process, preserved in a cave for several years. Its subtlety and richness come from its vintage nature. Aouds are the sole perfume of Arabian kings and sultans since the dawn of time and are believed to possess aphrodisiac properties.  Aoud is an aromatic resin; Oleoresin is a product of immunogical reaction of Aquillaria tree on Phialophora parasitica mould. When the tree is infected, it produces this precious, dark, aromatic resin in the heart of its trunk. Oud and its extracts are very expensive. Its value is estimated as being 1.5 more expensive than gold, so it is also called liquid gold.  Montale fragrances consist of the most precious raw materials in high concentrations.