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The history of Papier d'Arménie (like many older French firms, the name of the company is essentially the name of the product, Armenian paper) starts in the 19th century when, on a trip to Armenia, Auguste Ponsot noticed the local people scented and disinfected their homes by burning benzoin. This traditional and ecologically-sound practice appealed, and he decided to import the product to France.

His business partner, pharmacist Henri Rivière, then discovered that dissolving the benzoin in 90° alcohol delivered a lasting fragrance. Adding scent gives a pleasant, lingering aromatic blend. Only a supporting medium remained to be found, which was to be blotting paper, which absorbs the mixture while retaining the original fragrance of the benzoin resin, and burns slowly with no flame.

Environmentally friendly, Armenian paper does not use any propellants and causes no harm to the ozone layer.