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Considered by many as the “Holy Grail” of brushes in their workshops in Plerin, in Brittany, France since 1808. Plisson shaving brushes have always been made and assembled by hand, in the grand tradition of the artisans of all luxury objects.

  • The High Mountain White is Plisson's highest grade. It is characterized by its suppleness, its softness and its extreme resilience. Its rarity makes it an exceptional brush, highly desired by the discriminating wet shaver.
  • The European White is Plisson's next to highest grade. It is a unique two-band badger hair that keeps most of the qualities of the High Mountain White, however it may not be quite as white at the tips.
  • The European Grey has more spring, and is firmer than the above. This quality combined with its softness, makes it the most widely used grade of hair in shaving brushes world wide.
  • The Chinese Grey has most of the qualities of the European Grey, but is of a slightly coarser grade. It represents the best value.

Plisson brushes come in a variety of sizes, as shown in this chart.  Please note that not all brushes are available in all sizes. Some are available for special order only. Please call 212 206 6366 for more information.