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The journey begins in 1999 when Eric & Heidi befriended Native American medicine people, Ray & Ruby and they introduced Eric & Heidi to the power and benefits of therapeutic essential oils.

Somewhat reluctant to believe in their power, Heidi began experimenting, mixing,learning and embracing essential oils. She tested dozens of oils and blends, looking for the perfect moisturizer. First hand she experienced tremendous results with her mixtures. Slowly she began to abandon all the “miracle” synthetic products corporate America had convinced her to believe in and after countless recipes and numerous blends she found the perfect formula and scent to die for. 

The summer of 2009, a serendipitous weekend at a concert sealed destiny. While an acoustic set played of a song titled Skin & Bones, lighting struck. That’s it, it’s all about our skin and bones. Why not design and create products that touch people on every level of their skin and bones. The company and brand Skin & Bones was officially born.