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Scent Stories

Founded on The Art of Living as a principle, MiN NEW YORK celebrates olfactory art with SCENT STORIES. These are hand crafted visceral moments of limited production. 

Only the finest raw materials are carefully blended by master perfumers in Grasse, France. 

SCENT STORIES x MiN NEW YORK is a collection of potions designed to evoke memories & transcend time & place.

Samples are 2ml

PRICE - $--

Vol. 1

  • Dune Road

    Crisp ocean breeze. Foamy Sand.

  • Long Board

    Salty surf. Warm sun on bare skin.

  • The Botanist

    Fruit & flowers. Earthy finish.

  • Shaman

    Magical & mystical time travelers.

  • Momento

    Flashbacks of faded memories.

  • Barrel

    The scent of the selfless vessel.

  • Magic Circus

    A carnival travels at dusk.

  • Old School Bench

    A noir memory of artists etching.

  • Dahab

    Where desert meets the sea & stars.

  • Onsen

    Japanese volcanic hot springs.

  • Moon Dust

    Gunpowder after a desert rain.

Vol. 2

  • Ad Lumen

    An invitation to a close encounter.

  • Plush

    Putting on your favorite sweater.

  • Chef's Table

    Tableside in the garden w/ herbs.

  • Forever Now

    The first whiff of burning incense.

  • Coda

    Adehydic opening. Smoldering heart.

PRICE - $--